Heroin and other opioids are sedative drugs that depress the nervous system, slow the functioning of the body and fight physical and emotional pain. In general, opiates such as heroin block pain messages, creating a false sense of calm by slowing down organic functioning and increasing pleasure sensations in the brain. Therefore, the most common effect of heroin is the feeling of relaxation, warmth and detachment, along with a decrease in anxiety. Some consumers say that heroin makes them feel like they are floating, invincible, and others say they feel numb. These effects start quickly and can last for a few hours, although they vary greatly depending on the dose and the route in which the heroin is administered.

The Painful Symptoms of Opiate Withdrawal Syndrome

The symptoms of the withdrawal syndrome after leaving heroin are the opposite of the pharmacological effects of this drug, and can be equated to a severe case of influenza, always depending on each personal history of heroin use. On the other hand, the severity of abstinence also depends on the dose and route of administration of the heroin.

It seems that much of the physical symptoms are due to the activity of a part of the brain stem called locus coeruleus. Heroin paralyzes this area, which becomes overactive when drug use is interrupted. The locus coeruleus is an important center of the brain system of alarm and activation, and its hyperactivity would correspond to the marked anxiety and agitation that occur during the withdrawal syndrome. A syndrome that usually begins at six or eight hours after the last dose of heroin, and that gets worse between 48 and 72 hours after this last dose, usually lasting a week.

How to Stop Heroin: Detoxification without Abstinence Syndrome is Possible

In short, the withdrawal syndrome is a fundamental obstacle to the recovery of heroin addiction, how can heroin be left? How can the drug be left without pain, without suffering? Is there an effective method to stop heroin? Sure, detoxification without withdrawal syndrome is possible. The Heroin detox Orange County Treatment Centers offer such therapy.

The withdrawal syndrome of heroin is not an inescapable beginning of any treatment to overcome the dependence of this drug, but on the contrary, it can be avoided with a specific intervention and an adequate treatment to get out of heroin. To avoid the withdrawal syndrome and leave the heroin without pain, it is necessary to recover the brain functions that have been damaged by heroin addiction. But this is not possible with a “traditional” detoxification. The neurons must be recovered with a pharmacological intervention that allows the patient to suffer neither symptoms of withdrawal or craving for consumption, and also, this procedure also allows a recovery of cognitive and affective processes that have been damaged, such as retention, ability to read.

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