Inside the human body consists of several proteins and essential nutrients for the body to assist the functions that exist in the body of every human being. For example, muscles consisting of proteins that serve to help bind every muscle in humans. Collagen has an important role that is to maintain the body’s tissue kekauatan and helps keep skin to stay supple and tight. However, as you get older the amount of collagen begins to decrease along with the aging signs that are on your facial skin. Some people who have low levels of collagen will experience some decrease in bone strength and the skin will not tight anymore. To be able to overcome this sort of thing is usually a lot of people who choose to use collagen supplements to overcome their problems.

How much use of collagen supplement doses can be consumed?

Taking collagen supplements can be recommended for people who have problems with their skin such as skin wrinkles. There are various types of collagen that can be consumed. The first type of collagen synthesis is made from several sources such as chickens, cows and marine animals. The second one is a collagen supplement that is sold in capsules, pills, or creams and there is also an injection model. In pill form recommended to be taken after eating enough with 2 items only. In collagen supplements that are injected about 100ml twice a week or you can visit

Side effects of collagen supplements

One of the side effects caused by collagen supplements is an allergic reaction. Symptoms such as rash on the skin, nausea and vomiting, difficulty breathing and mengaami drop in blood pressure and ulcers arise. In addition some people may be sensitive to food. Like food made from chicken and beef.

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